This is Born Against in March of ‘93, closing a show at Mountain Lodge in DC with I Am An Idiot.  That’s a 21-year-old Brooks Headley playing the drums really fucking well. 

This Map Needs Updating 

The Way We Backpack Now: SnapChats From The Backcountry

You can laugh all you want about how has 1,251 different Disco Biscuits tapes, or whatever, and you can close the tab and forget about the whole website. You can do whatever you want.

I’ll tell you though, there are some true gems here. Big, fat, glistening gems.

This mural, on the corner of Verona Place and Fulton Ave, right on the Bed-Stuy/Crown Heights border, memorializes 16-year old Yusef Hawkins, murdered in the streets of Bensonhurst by a mob of white men 25-years ago this week.

Hawkins and his three friends had gone to the conservative, predominantly Italian-American neighborhood to look at a used car when they were cornered in a schoolyard by a group of thirty angry white kids, whom wrongly thought Yusef was dating a girl in the neighborhood.

Hundreds marched in the streets of New York following Hawkin’s murder, as they did this week, 25-years-later, for Eric Garner and Mike Brown—a wrenching coincidence of time. 

Painted in 1991 by Floyd Sapp, the mural was refurbished in 2012 by Gabriel Spector


Hello. I have decided to try and walk every block in Manhattan. This is not a particularly original or—in the grand scheme of things—ambitious idea. Original and ambitious feel like high standards though. I just want to learn more about the city.

I decided to walk every block of every street in Manhattan. I have really only just started but you can follow along here, if you want. 


Ever wondered what a brick mold is?  Our handy-dandy diagram can help!

Very informative. Thank you. 

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*spends 10 minutes photoshopping a picture of Kanye for tumblr so that it looks like he is wearing a band’s t-shirt*

*stands back like “lol I can’t even imagine a black man even knowing about the same things as me”*

Hi, I am Jake Fogelnest 


If you’ve ever tried to transfer to the B at 14th Street, now is your chance to sue Citibank.

someone please explain this